Monday, June 10, 2013

hello hallo!!!!!!!

dear reader! i have not fallen off the face of the earth. i am just living life so much and to the fullest and being so much in the moment that it has been really hard to get online and rehash everything that i have been experiencing and doing. it has been a lot!
after i arrived back in the states after my trip back to europe i had two weeks time to get myself ready and then my dear friend antonella and her little daughter pia arrived in los angeles and i picked them up and we 3 went on a three and a half week road trip around beautiful california.

joshua tree

at the ocean

twin peaks

with gram


in the sun

boulder gardens


baby sad

baby happy

in lilly

the driver

in the desert

the salton sea

rings of light

at the festival

hot chicks


golden gate bridge

girl love

at the wheel

fun times

that was april. us three girls traveling around having adventures! 

in may i started my new business, pulse pleasure! i decided back in february when i was in germany  that i was going to make accessories, wrist cuffs, scarves, and headbands and sell them online and at festivals, street fairs and flea markets.  that's what i have been doing in may. sewing sewing sewing! in 20 days i turned out 202 pairs of wrist warmers, 80 decorated headbands and 50 loop scarves.  i got a lot of help from my dear grandmother and my sweet mother.  it was a learning experience for us all and we had a lot of fun besides! i am now ready for vending at my first big festival next weekend outside of santa barbara. 
i did take two weekends off during the month of sewing, one for the joshua tree music festival and one for the storytelling festival at boulder gardens. i had a few new friends model some of my products.

i have website that is almost done and i have a few things online for sale. many more to come!! now that i have a lot of beautiful products i will be posting more for sale very soon!! and

Friday, March 22, 2013

short stops

when i was in europe i visited friends in kassel and in munich.  these were short stops along my way with two wonderful girlfriends. in kassel i visited with caro and my godson art, also known as kiki and in munich i visited with veronica and her family.

i found a ride from berlin to kassel with a young lady on an online ride share site. it was great! i payed only 20euro for the four hour car ride.  i got dropped off at the train station and caro and kiki picked me up.  it was wonderful to see them!  caro and i know each other from berlin.  i was at kiki's birth 6 years ago and caro and i knew each other long before that. last year shortly after i left berlin caro and kiki moved to kasssel.

art aka kiki

me and caro


sunny day

old house

me and kiki

the area

walking in the woods

me and kiki

the last two days in europe i spent in munich with veronica, her husband ehsan and their little boy sam.  veronica and i met years ago at a spiritual dance workshop in munich which we both attended.  we loved each other from our first meeting.  she is a flight attendant and so she would visit me in berlin or even one time in san francisco when she was on her job. she is a sweetheart and a wonderful woman! she is married to ehsan and they have a sweet little boy named sam.  they live in munich where veronica has lived most of her life.  a few months ago they opened a physical therapy office which is  already doing very well.  i enjoyed my visit with them very much!

me and veronica

me and sam




starnberg lake

winter beach bar

scheich psychical therapy office

veronica and ehsan

veronica and sam

the scheich family

i feel blessed that i have so many wonderful friends and loved ones all over the place! thank you all for welcoming me into your homes and taking time out of your busy lives to visit with me as i pass through your area!!